Sketchnotes – a richer and stronger memory

Anyone who has followed me on social media or in real life for that matter knows that I am quite passionate about Sketchnoting as a way of taking notes. Sketchnoting combines visuals and text together to create more impactful and and more powerful memories of a topic. Not to mention being much more fun.

They are a great way to engage your own mind as well as others on a topic. By way of example I am sure that Mike Rohde – one of the great Sketchnoters – won’t mind me sharing some of his work on making a great espresso. Here Mike balances clear text with sketches of key points and ideas on the topic.


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Espresso 101 Class at @stonecreekcoffee Page 3

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You can find a whole lot more of Mike’s great work here.

There is a world of Sketchnoters out there that do great work. For example Mauro Toselli collaborates with Mike on a number of things including the Sketchnote Army which is a  great collection of Sketchnote submissions from around the world. Makayla Lewis does some amazing things with colour and highlighting. An there are hundreds of others. My suggestion is you have a look at these three and see who they follow to find other great Sketchnoters.

January 11, 2016 was the first ever World Sketchnote Day – and to celebrate the fact we launched season to of Unpacked with an episode dedicated to sketchnoting. So listen to @deanpribetic and I talk about this fun topic.

Here’s a link straight to Episode 08: Sketchnoting.

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