Unpacked – a new podcast demystifying the language of business

Anyone who has read any of the post on here will now that I’m a big fan of simplifying things. Those who have worked with me will say that I sometimes go too far.

Language is a big favourite which I wrote about in an earlier post (“Perhaps if we change the language” – Sep 2012). To try and pursue the topic of language even further a dear friend of mine – Dean Pribetic – and I have launched a new podcast. UNPACKED is our attempt at trying to unravel some of the terms that we all throw around in business. Sometimes without really understanding them, and often not using them correctly. It’s also our chance to have a bit of fun and talk about some of the things that interest us and make us laugh.

Dean is one of the best thinkers and facilitators I know. We worked together for a number of years and to this day can often be found debating some random topic from the business of language or how Sons of Anarchy went quickly downhill after season 5.

We are two episodes in and would welcome your feedback as we hopefully learn and improve how to podcast! You can find the podcasts at Unpacked.fm, or search for “unpacked” on iTunes. You can also follow us on twitter @unpackedFM. We would love to hear from you on topics that you might like covered or just feedback on the podcast. Enjoy!

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